Debt Distress? Get solid advice to help consumers & small businesses |

Debt Distress? Get solid advice to help consumers and small businesses

Debt Distress? Get solid advice to help consumers and small businesses

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Frank Bennett
Russell Bennett
Scott Hannah
Angela Pollard
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)
110 minutes
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There is “good” debt and “bad” debt. But what happens when “good" debt becomes “bad”? What happens when your ability to service the debt is compromised? How can you steer your clients onto a path of financial health and stability? Is bankruptcy the only answer? What are all the options?

Join a panel of bankruptcy lawyers and financial experts in a candid discussion of how to help your consumer and small business clients with questions of insolvency and bankruptcy.

1. Russell Bennett: Responding appropriately to client dishonesty or fraud

Counselling a client who is using multiple credit products flags.

2. Frank Bennett: Best practices for analyzing ethical dilemmas

The ethics of asset protection, including the test for reviewable transactions like fraudulent conveyances.

3. Scott Hannah: Client service; Handling client property and money appropriately

Joint matrimonial debts and the responsibility of both to repay, with a focus on how family law lawyers counsel their clients who have separated or divorced.

4. Angela Pollard:

A bankrupt’s duties in the face of not disclosing their lawsuits like wrongful dismissal and motor vehicle claims, or foreign assets.


Frank Bennett

Russell Bennett

B.Sc., LL.B., author of Canada’s Cannabis Act: Annotation and Commentary, and the founder of Cannabis Law

Scott Hannah

Angela Pollard

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