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CPD Finance Video Allowances



CPDFinance.com on-demand video content can count towards a CPA’s required verifiable hours. In determining whether a program is verified: “The most important factor is whether the course contributes to your professional development. If it is relevant and appropriate to your work and professional responsibilities, and it contains significant intellectual or practical content, it should count towards the verifiable CPD requirement.”

The minimum amount of continuing professional development that a Member must complete, unless the Member is exempt, shall be:

  • 20 hours annually; and
  • 120 hours in every three-year period
  • If the Member is licensed the mandatory continuing professional development must be completed in activities directly related to the competencies needed to provide public accounting services.

Fifty percent of the annual and triennial hours must be verifiable.

https://www.cpaontario.ca/professional-development. May 2016

Supporting documentation (course description and/or outline) is emailed to you upon completion of a CPDFinance.com video on-demand CPD. This documentation may be requested by CPD Ontario to confirm you viewed the video.

Credit Institute of Canada

CPD Finance videos are eligible towards The Credit Institute of Canada’s Professional Development requirement.

Canadian Payroll Association

CPD Finance videos are eligible towards the Canadian Payroll Association’s Professional Development requirement.

Financial Planners Standards Council, FPSC

CPDonline’s CE activities have been approved by FPSC® as meeting the minimum requirements for CE Approval as outlined within the FPSC Continuing Education Guidelines. The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter/content author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC). FPSC approved content will be indicated with a FPSC Approved Logo.

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